Perfmatters vs Asset Cleanup – plugin review by an expert!

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In the field of speed optimization, Perfmatters vs Asset Cleanup Booster represent the top two competing options for the important task of plugin prioritization. The only other alternative is Plugin Organizer. They allow you to load plugins and script’s on the pages where they’re needed and turn them off on the rest of the website. Some plugins don’t need to load everywhere. For example, you usually need the Contact Form plugin only on the contact page of your website.

After making a name for themselves in this field, they have expanded to include some other speed-related optimizations. Let’s first take a look at how well they perform at their main function. Then, we’ll see if the rest of what they have to offer rises to the same level.


The main feature (plugin prioritization)

Image about Asset Booster settings regarding it's main feature, plugin prioritization.

From my testing as a speed optimizer, with hundreds of speed optimizations performed, both plugins do their main task equally well, outperforming Plugin Organizer. Asset Booster offers this main feature for free. If you’re only looking for this, it’s probably the best option. Note that it has significantly more settings that Perfmatters, so it’s a little more difficult to set up.


Secondary features (minification, lazy-loading, etc.)

When it comes to secondary features, I was pleasantly surprised by Perfmatters. All secondary features work great, on par with the main competitors in those fields (Autoptimize, WP Clearfy, etc.). I also like that it takes care of many little optimizations, such as hosting Google Analytics locally. These are small problems that most people are unaware of and would otherwise be left unresolved.


Asset Cleanup secondary features:

– Optimization of JavaScript and CSS files (minification, async, defer, etc.)

Perfmatters secondary features:

– Optimization of JavaScript and CSS files (minification, async, defer, etc.)

– Lazy loading

– Disable WordPress-related small little things that are not usually needed

– Database optimization

– Host Google Fonts locally

– Host Google Analytics locally

– Preloading resources

Non-speed-related features:

– Change your WordPress login URL

– Add code to header, body, footer



Perfmatters is cheaper than Asset Booster, but the differences are small. Their prices range from $25 to $125 compared to $47 – $147 for Asset Booster.

Perfmatters: 1 site – $25 / 3 sites – $55 / Unlimited – $125

Asset Booster: 1 site$47 / 3 sites$77 / Unlimited$147


So who’s better? Perfmatters vs Asset Cleanup:

Both plugins are equally good at their main task of plugin prioritization. Since Asset Booster offers this option for free, I would go with it if that’s all I need. Perfmatters PRO plan does more things and does them very well. It’s probably the better pick when it comes to the paid version.

Keep in mind that the field of speed optimization plugin development evolves rather fast over time. During a single year, rankings between them can change dramatically. We wrote this article as of June 2022. Good luck to their developers in improving them even more. They’ve done a great job so far!


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