PREMIUM speed optimization price:

299$ (349$)

- the optimization is ADVANCED, not medium
- 3 months of extended support included
- 3 technical reports will be provided
- money back if results are not decent
- BONUS: Free SEO report included

Our arguments


While others offer MEDIUM, we only offer PREMIUM


  The optimization offered by us is an ADVANCED one, not a medium one. Unlike a medium optimization that can be done in a couple of hours, an ADVANCED optimization requires 2-4 days of hard work. It includes absolutely everything that can be done in order to make your website reach maximum speed. We do all the small little things that our competitors either skip, either don't know how to do. We perform the whole process with extreme patience and carefully test every little modification on WebPageTest before implementing it.

  Through an ADVANCED optimization executed to perfection, your website will reach maximum possible speed giving the hosting and design constraints that it is subject of. Once optimized by us, there will be nothing else that can be done to raise its speed higher than that, not even by 0.1s.

Correct price


  Our prices are significantly smaller than those of other companies offering similar services. We're an Eastern European firm selling at outsourcing prices. The price of an ADVANCED optimization can pass the 2500$ mark at certain competitors or local SEO firms from the USA or Western Europe. Not only are we not doing the slightest compromise in terms of quality, but we are highly confident that our service is Nr. 1 on the market. We invite you to check other firms websites on the speed testing tools. You will notice that almost none of them have an advanced optimization implemented, which raises questions about their capacity to deliver such services to others.

Exceptional support


  We will continuously communicate through phone or e-mail about how the process is going and about different aspects that might be of interest to you. We will also explain to you how to properly discuss with your host in case there are problems on their side or if they are not offering you certain features that you should normally have. For three months after the optimization is complete, we will provide support regarding any problems that might arise due to it.

Money back if the website is not significantly improved


  In some rare cases, it will not be possible to improve performance by too much. The website might be too old, the theme might have a bad architecture, strange problems might arise, etc. If, because of whatever reasons, we do not manage to improve your website speed by too much, we will immediately return your money. We will suggest you to change your theme with a decent one, and only then try to implement an ADVANCED optimization. But, as we said, such cases are extremely rare.

PREMIUM speed optimization service includes:


BONUS: For a limited amount of time, our service includes a bonus FREE SEO report. Hurry up and don't miss it!