Wordpress speed optimization service:  $299 ($349)

Having a low conversion rate? Every tenth of a second counts. Statistics show that a single second costs you 11% traffic and 7% conversions. On top of that, your SEO also suffers.

We're the best Wordpress speed optimization service on earth. Even if your website is already fast, we'll make it even faster. While others offer MEDIUM, we specialize in PREMIUM.

Results speak more than a thousand words! All websites optimized by TurboWeb end up standing between these numbers in terms of speed index:


                    ✓ 0.5s — 1.0s — Standard presentation website

                    ✓ 0.5s — 1.3s — Newspaper or magazine type of website

                    ✓ 0.8s — 1.5s — Gruesome Woocomerce shop with many plug-ins and functionalities

  Note that these are real WebPageTest numbers, not useless/irrelevant Pingdom, GTmetrix or Google Pagespeed Insights results. WebPageTest is the only test that actually measures real speed for real users. If you’ll test you’re site as a real human and count the seconds, results will be identical.  For more about how to properly test your website and judge how well a speed optimization has been performed, check our Medium article on the subject.

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FIRST STEP: Test your website on the 4 speed testing tools!

Google Page Speed Insights: Will analyze your website and give you a score. It will also show a small part of existing technical problems. It's the most popular testing tool, despite not being the best CLICK HERE!

GT Metrix: Same as Google Page Speed Insights, it's a tool meant for testing "good practices", not real speed. It's a program useful for a more in-detail analysis of existing technical problems, covering a bigger area than the previous one CLICK HERE!

Pingdom: Despite appearances, this is also a tool meant for testing "good practices", not actual loading speed. Results will usually be wrong in that area. For measuring real loading speed, always use WebPageTest CLICK HERE!

WebPageTest: Developed by Google, this is the supreme tool when it comes to measuring website performance. It's meant for experts and requires advanced knowledge in order to use. It provides detailed information about scripts loading order, server stuff, etc. CLICK HERE!

  If your site is loading in over 2 seconds and has a small score on testing tools, then a big part of your website traffic is uselessly lost. On top of that, besides lost profit, your business image is negatively affected, users are having an unpleasant experience and Google is penalizing you and therefore affecting your SEO.

Every extra second costs you 11% traffic and 7% conversions

Worrying statistics:

Over 40% visitors abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Conversion rate increases 74% when page load time improves from 8 to 2 seconds.

1 second delay in page load time leads to 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions.

More than 73% of consumers won't return to a website if it doesn't load properly on their mobile devices.

If an e-commerce site is making $100.000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million lost in sales every year.

Case studies:

US President Obama's fundraising campaign increased donation conversions by 14% when they decreased the page speed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Shopzilla shaved off their load times from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds and experienced a 12% revenue hike.
Mozilla improved conversions by 15.4% shaving off 2.2 seconds of load time.
Yahoo increased traffic by 9% for every 400 milliseconds of improvement.

Amazon reported 1% loss in revenue per 100ms site load delay.

For more information and their sources, visit our statistics page

Besides lost revenue, SEO, consumer experience and business image are also affected

 There are about 200 factors that Google takes into consideration when listing results for a search. On these factors depends whether your website will come up on top of front page or whether it will lay buried on page 3. Some elements are more important, while others are less important.

 The analysis on the left side of the screen was made by SemRush (top 3 SEO programs) in June 2017 on 600.000 keywords. As you can see, three critical ranking factors are heavily dependent upon page speed. During the last years, Google has transitioned from a backlink based algorithm to one based more and more on UX (user experience). Of course, traditional SEO factors will always remain important, but improving your website performance has become a must in this mobile age. (study source: CLICK HERE)

 What does this mean? 

 For example, a person might search for something and Google will deliver a list of results. If the result from place 4 has a high bounce rate (people initially enter, but then click the "back" button and leave the website), Google will interpret that it's not relevant for that specific search or, in any case, not good enough. Even if visitors will manage to reach your website, Google will still measure how much time they spend on it, how many pages they visit, and many other statistics through Google Analytics or data collected from Chrome. Many of these metrics are heavily dependent on page speed. 

 These problems are even more significant when it comes to mobile devices, where websites load even slower and visitors are even less patient. Ever since 2016, mobile users have surpassed desktop users. Google has already implemented a separate algorithm for mobile, where page speed is even more important than on the desktop version. In 2019, Google has completely transitioned to a "Mobile First index" and the mobile algorithm is now being used universally. Also, in August 2017, Facebook announced that they introduced page speed as a ranking factor for links shown in users feeds. That means a slow website will be negatively affected even there.

 Giving these developments, a Wordpress speed optimization investment can, in many cases, pay itself back through SEO benefits alone. 

No need for us to convince you, mathematics is taking care of that part

  When it comes to a website that's doing terrible in the page speed area, an advanced speed optimization will do wonders. If the website is producing $500 a month and suffers a 20% increase in profit, a page speed optimization will pay itself back in basically three months. Not to mention the SEO and branding benefits that come on top of that.

  In the case of a website already decently optimized but not optimized to perfection, even though no miracles will happen, the benefits will still be big. Mathematics tells us that 5% of $1000 means $50. In a year this means $600 and the optimization costs only $299. Even in such cases, mathematics still recommends going PREMIUM.

We only offer PREMIUM WordPress performance optimizations

 Our service is a PREMIUM, not a medium one. Unlike a medium optimization that can take only a couple of hours to perform, an ADVANCED one requires 2-4 days of non-stop hard work. It includes absolutely everything that can be done in order to make your website reach maximum speed. We do all the small little things that our competitors either skip, either don't know how to do. We perform the whole process with extreme patience and carefully test every little modification on WebPageTest before implementing it. All this offered at the smallest price you can find on the market. Our competitors offer MEDIUM, we only offer PREMIUM!

Our Wordpress speed optimization service includes:

 Many companies who offer Wordpress speed optimization services actually offer basic ones but market them as advanced. A basic optimization consists of installing a couple of plug-ins and doing some small tasks that take no more than a day to perform. 

An advanced optimization, on the other hand, requires 2-4 days of hard work and a way higher skill level. Every little thing has to be carefully tested before being implemented. Advanced optimization techniques also need to be performed. Every specific bug or problem encountered has to be solved in a way that does not require making compromises in terms of performance. The optimizer fights for every 0.1s that can be reduced. In the end, the website will be transformed into the fastest version of itself. Besides being way faster than any competitor, it will very probably be one of the fastest in the world as well. You won't be able to tweak it and make it faster than it already is, not even by 0.1s.

Turbo Web is here for those that need walking that extra mile, for those that want a PREMIUM Wordpress speed optimization. We'll take your website to the limit, and we'll do it at an outsourcing price that nobody can compete with!

Help for non-profit organizations


If you have a website with no commercials that supports a noble cause (ex: website for lost and found animals, association for helping handicaped persons, etc.) contact us, and we will help you with a wordpress speed optimization done for free.